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Underwater Photo- and Videography

I started underwater photography as an amateur with a simple camera and underwater housing. Since I met Sylvain, my scuba diver buddy of all my dives and love of my life, we invested into a more professional equipment (Canon 5D Mark III). Sylvain became the main photographer since, while I devote myself more to underwater videography experimenting different cameras (Canon 5D Mark II & III, Sony Action Cam, GoPro).

Photos Galleries

Safaga, Egypt (August 2007)
Safaga, Egypt (2007)
Bathala Island, Maldives (May 2013)
Bathala, Maldives (2013)
Cairns, Australia (February 2010)
Cairns, Australia (2010)
Helengeli Island, Maldives (May 2014)
Helengeli, Maldives (2014)
Hamata, Egypt (May 2011)
Hamata, Egypt (2011)
Perhentian Islands, Malaysia (July 2012)
Perhentians, Malaysia (2012)

Underwater Movies